Thursday, June 26, 2008

Splish Splash

I hadn't taken pictures of Lily in the bath for a long time! What is cuter than a babies' tushie? I also have another water story. Lily and I went swimming On Tuesday at Grandad and Nana's house. She loved it as always, kicking her feet like crazy and splashing everywhere. She got a little brave this time. I was holding her and all of a sudden she dunked her face in the water. When she came up she had quite the confused look on her face, but was not scared at all. I'm so mad I didn't have the camera! I'm not kidding, she must have done it over 20 times. Even when she got a mouthful, she didn't mind. She also thought she would try blowing bubbles underwater like Nana and I. So she started making the blowing bubble noise above the water and then dunked her head again. I thought that was pretty clever of her.

Next week we are going to Glen Ellyn for our annual 4th of July festivities and Lily will get to experience another pool. I can't wait for her to show off her new tricks to Grandma and Grandpa Mayer.

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