Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tyler and I own a minivan.

I can't believe the day has already come. Tyler no longer has his Ford F150. I wasn't quite expecting to have a minivan this soon. Tyler had talked about trying to trade in the truck, but I thought we owed too much on it and it wasn't a possibility. But he did his homework and looked at some dealers and found out that we would actually be able to save around $100 by trading in the truck.

When I bought my Civic I remember my parents telling me to also look at the Accord, because I may want more room. I thought they were crazy! Why would I need more room? I'm just one person and don't really lug around too much stuff, so why would I pay extra money for a larger car. Then I got married and long came Lily and I definitely wish I had the roomy Accord. Then with the truck, we knew we would be moving a lot and it would come in handy. We didn't consider the factor that it doesn't hold car seats safely. With the purchase of the minivan I feel like for the first time we are looking more ahead than we have before. Number 2 is going to be here VERY soon and we know he/she won't be the last.

It was a little bittersweet to see the truck go. Although, I hated hoisting myself up in that thing and feeling like I was driving a tank, it was our first purchase together. We were only engaged and not even married yet.

We got a Dodge Grand Caravan. It's got the stow and go and sliding side doors. I'm excited, because it will be MUCH easier to get kids in their car seats. So although I'm not thrilled about being a minivan owner already, I know it will come in handy. I'll get some pics of it this weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever!

Yes, I get the worst blogger award! So I'm including lots of pics and info!! We've been busy and really trying to enjoy the last days before school started. Tyler and I were just talking about what a great summer it has been. We've gotten to do so many fun things with Lily and Tyler has really been able to be around a lot. Below are some pictures of my cousin, Deardra's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and we had a blast. Not to mention, Tyler was able to finagle 3 pieces of cake for this pregnant lady, so I was VERY happy! We were invited to 9 weddings this year and still have 4 more to attend. Although, I don't think we'll make it to the last two. They are the weekend before my due date. My good friend Beth is getting married on the 28th, so I'm very excited for that.

Lily with her godmother!! Don't you love Maureen's new haircut?
A family photo, but Lily REFUSED to take her hands out of her mouth.

Going to the sprinkler park. Lily was much more interested in climbing through the tubes with dad rather than running through the sprinkler.
School has officially started. Tyler and I are back to work and Lily goes to school twice a week! I was a little sad to send her back. I loved being with her everyday this summer. She's just at such a fun age and we can do so much with her. But I know she adores school. I brought her in the first day, fighting back the tears and she just strolls in. She sits down and starts to color a picture and says to me, "I color, Mom, bye." I thought I was the one who was going to help her make the transition going to back school easier, but she was the one who made it easier for me! ha!
I have my 34 week doctor appointment today. They've scheduled me for all the rest of my appointments...YIKES! So far, everything is right on track and going great! We've been working on turning the guest room into Lily's room. We FINALLY got our new crib (remember our other one was recalled) and it's up! Poor Lily was in the pack and play for over a month. I was starting to feel guilty.

Our genius child reading...or maybe we've read the book a BILLION times and she remembers all the pictures!

Lily still loves to dance to Usher!