Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes 4-24-13

1.  I've read a couple blogs that do 7 quick takes.  My favorite being  Check her out.  I think that maybe if I can just get 7 quick stories in, I may be able to keep up with this blog a little.  Let's give it a try!  I'm going to most likely focus on crazy stories or quotes of the day.  There's bound to be lots in this house!

2.  Things I never thought I would say:  "Quit putting pasta between your toes!"  Yep, said it to Thomas while having fettuccini for dinner the other night.  The kid gets in trouble, but he does it so innocently.  He just wants to try everything and check it out.  Seriously, the kid is so stinkin' cute and he totally has me wrapped around his finger with that little smile of his.

3.  Lily has her first baseball game on Saturday with her team of 5-6 year old girls.  We've had lots of rain, so they've only had one practice.  I image the game may be as exciting as watching grass grow!  Definitely not as exciting as her soccer league where there was always at least one kid running around with a soccer cone over his head.  And another running off the field to kiss her mom.

4. I hear running water coming from the bathroom.  Thomas and Lucy are both in there unsupervised.  I'll be right back, because I need to investigate.

Ok...they were filling up cups in the sink and dumping it in the toilet.  They may have also been scooping water from the toilet and putting it in the sink.  They flushed down a whole box of kleenex.  It's amazing how much trouble you can get into when you have a partner in crime.

5. Tyler and I attended our first of thirteen weddings this past Saturday.  Yes, 13!  I will need a new pair of dancing shoes!  And maybe a couple of new dresses.  :)  We've been to lots of weddings and this one simply had an amazing "feel."  It's difficult to put into words.  You could just sense the love in the room.  It was amazing!  The couple took dance lessons and it was just adorable.  Also, during the father/daughter dance, they invited all fathers and daughters to come and dance.  I loved this idea and loved getting a little dance in with my dad!  It  was also super cute to see my brother dancing with his 3 month old daughter.

6. I love Wednesdays!  It's just Thomas, Lucy, and I.  The girls are at preschool all day.  We go to the YMCA in the morning.  They have TWO FREE HOURS of babysitting.  I usually workout, but also get to catch up on emails and phone calls without the constant interuption of having 4 children ages almost 2-5.  I also usually tweak my etsy shop and try to get in a little promoting.

7. Speaking of Etsy...gosh, how do I love my shop!  It's given me my own "thing."  It keeps me on my toes and let's me think about something besides diapers and dinner!  While it hasn't brought in lots of money, it brought lots of sanity, so well worth it in my opinion.  Plus, every sale brings a smile to my face and perhaps a little happy dance!