Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keeping busy!

We've been able to go on lots of outings with Dad. July is Tyler's month off, so he's been home a lot. Plus, he decided to not coach football this year which kept him occupied for like a million hours a week.

Dad and Lily checking out the turtles at the zoo. Lily was not as excited about the zoo as I thought she would be. But she was always interested in the animal droppings. uh!
We were lucky enough to have Fr. Steve over for dinner. Of course, Lily convinced him to have a tea party. BEWARE...if you enter our house, you WILL have a tea party with Lily. She does not take no for an answer.

Dad and Lily at the Indians game! The whole time she yelled, "Go Sox!" She is a little baseball fanatic.
Lily has been busy lately. I got another steal at a garage sale....a $5 sandbox! YES! She has learned how to say "yes," only she pronounces it "yesh!" We've even gotten her to go on the potty a couple of times.
I only have about 8 weeks till we become a family of four, which seems absolutely insane. We've been working on getting Lily's new room ready. Although I am absolutely thrilled to welcome another little one into the world, I really am going to miss the one-on-one time with Lily. I love being able to play little games with her and cuddle with her before she goes to bed. I know those things will still happen, but just not quite as frequently. It will also probably be a good thing that "Little Miss Princess" does not get quite as much attention. She's quite the little ham.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back From Vacation

We just got back from beautiful Sylvan Lake in northern IN. My parents rented a lake house on the lake. Coincidentally, the Mayer's cousin (Cindy) lived about .25 miles away, also on the lake. We were lucky enough for Grandma, Papa, Auntie Emily, and Fro (Emily's boyfriend) to come visit.

Tyler's only catch of the week. He was so proud!!
Swimming with Daddy in the lake.

More swimming!!

Drinking soda with Katie and Uncle G.

Rickey enjoying the boat.

Eating corn on the cob!!
It was a very relaxing week!! Lily was in heaven with all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We played lots of Uno, drank many beers and margaritas (not me of course), and ate delicious food, and kissed deer (please talk to Tyler for further explanation on this one). We also visited Sylvan Springs where the Sisters of the Precious Blood used to reside and help those with health problems. It is said that the Virgin Mary visited one of the nuns there. There have been many apparitions since then and then even have some photographs. We visited some of the buildings on the grounds that were over 100 years old. Very interesting!!!
We are glad to be home. School is going to start before we know it!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th!

I spent my 6th 4th of July in Glen Ellyn! I can't believe I've been hanging around Tyler that long. All the festivities again, did not disappoint this year. Uncle "Neek" and Aunt "CC", as Lily calls them, had their annual party on the third. Lily enjoyed finding all the candy hiding around Aunt CC's house and bossing Rocky and Gizmo around.

We actually missed the Freedom Four, which is a 5K that Tyler runs every year. I always just watch. I tried one year and made it all of 200 yards. The weather was a little dreary. But the rain held off to just a sprinkle for the parade. Lily was mesmerized by the fire engines and loved waving her little American flag.

The parade is always fun if you get to sit with PaPa.
Eating candy and watching the parade with Mommy.

Grandma, Tyler and Lily watching the parade. Lily is not looking, because she wouldn't take her eyes off of whatever was coming by in the parade.
We went back to Grandma and Papa's and had a delicious cookout! We celebrated Auntie Emily's 18th birthday with cake and then Tyler and I went to the Annual MacDonald Brew Ha-ha! We saw lots of Ty's friends from high school and then walked over to the lake to watch the fireworks. They were REALLY good this year. Another great 4th!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Latest Steal

For those of you who know me well, I love a deal. Yes, I clip coupons and only buy diapers when I can get them for $8.99 and have a coupon. When I shop for clothes I almost always have a coupon. So I'm totally pumped about my last purchase.

Lily and I were on our way to the library and drove by a garage sale in our neighborhood. I slowed down so I could get a quick glance. I had been wanting to get Lily a little table and chair set and I thought I saw one. We stopped to check it out. I have a picture of it below. It's totally cute and we don't even need to repaint it. It was only $5!!!!!!!! Also, the tea set was right next to it, so we went for the tea set as well. Lily absolutely loves both!! She drags anyone who walks into our house upstairs for a tea party.

Not only did I find the tea set and table, I got Lily one more thing. It's a Little Tikes Vanity set. Lily can sit on this little chair and look in the mirror. When you pick up the hairdryer is makes the hairdryer sound. When you pick up the brush, it says something about styling your hair! Ha! Lily is a total girly girl, so I when I saw this, I knew I had to get it, too. It keeps her busy for over 10 minutes at a time, which is huge. I'll try to get some pics of that later, because it's hysterical to see her put on the lipstick and nail polish. And if you need a pedi, our house is definitely the place to visit. All 3 items for $15! I don't think you could find a better deal.