Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sharon's Wedding!

Yikes! I think this may be the longest between posts ever!! We've been keeping rather busy. Last weekend we went to Chicago to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday!! We had a blast seeing everyone, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. But below you will see Lily with her new town from grandma and grandpa.

This week was nonstop. I had a Mother's of Young Children meeting on Tuesday. It's a group through our church that I'm pretty excited about it. They do holiday parties, service projects, and make dinners for families who just had babies. It seems like a really wonderful group and I'm excited to be a part of it. On Wednesday, I celebrated my 27th birthday. Tyler surprised me by taking me out to dinner!! This happens very rarely, so we were excited to go out!! Thanks so Nana Mark for watching Lily. Then on Thursday we watched The Office with some of our friends. I loved the way Jim proposed!!! Then on Friday the festivities for Sharon's wedding began. We had a Bridesmaids' Luncheon for her at my mom's house and then the rehearsal dinner that night. Then on Saturday we got our hair done and did the whole picture thing. It was a beautiful wedding and we danced the night away at the reception. Tyler's dance moves were especially killer! The DJ even noticed!!! Oh my!

Here are the bridesmaids and Sharon on the bus right before the ceremony.
Friends since 6th grade!!!!
Here's Lily with Lucky bear. Thanks grandma and grandpa Mayer!
We have all been friends since 6th grade!!! That's 15 years!
Us on Sharon's big day!!
I'll will work harder and posting more frequently. My boss has just been a real jerk lately and has made me work way too much! ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

11 months old!!

Shoot she noticed the sign!!!!
This baby has a little bit of spunk in her.
Giving lovies to Birthday Bear!

Can you believe that next month at this time we will be celebrating Lily's 1st birthday!!!!!!??? Now yes, Lily is the reason we are having the party, but it's mostly adults who will be there and spiced cider and brewdogs will be served. Aren't first birthday a little bit about the parents making it through the first year? There will most definitely be cake and presents for Lily, but she won't even remember! All in all, it will be a great weekend. Lily's has party guests coming from all over the United States. From as far west and Cali and as far east as North Carolina!
Lily is going on her first field trip. They are taking all the munchkins to the Apple Orchard. What fun!! Lily loves school. They take the kids over to the gym and the high school kids play with them. They just got brand new strollers, so they are constantly taking walks. And Lily is only about 30 feet directly below me. I can actually sometimes hear her cry!
Anyways, this month has been tons of fun. Her new thing is to sprint crawl whenever I open the fridge. She is absolutely fascinated by it. We also finally got a gate up at the bottom of the stairs. She was getting WAY too curious about them. I just can't believe at this time last year I was HUGE!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun while it's still warm!

Last weekend we watched the girls (Kirkland and Kjirste) for the whole weekend. Lily loved every minute of it. We took a little surrey ride. Lily and Kjirste were waving to everyone and Kirkland thought she was pretty cool sitting in the back. Needless to say, Tyler and I were pretty tired after watching 3 girls under the age of 3. The Miller's are moving the first week of October. We're not sure what we will do without them in town!
Also, a big thank you to Aunt Sarah, Uncle Hunter and Thomas for Lily's "new" backpack!! Lily hung out in it while Dad cut the grass. It takes him over an hour to cut it, so it freed up some MAJOR time for me. And fellow moms, you know how much you can get done in an hour without a little one runnign around. Lily loved it so much she actually fell asleep in it. This is actually the same backpack that Thomas, my cousin, used. He's a freshman in high school now!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Growing up....

way too fast!!! Yesterday, we (and by we I mean Nana Mark, THANKS!) bought Lily her first pair of real shoes. Her teacher suggested we get some, because she has been trying really hard to walk. Her buddy there is walking all over the place and Lily wants to join in the fun. Look at those cute little white shoes compared to Dad's.

Lily has totally been cracking me up lately. Wheel of Fortune was on the other day and she was interested in the show. Usually, she does not care about T.V. Every time the audience clapped, so did she. She has also begun this beauty pageant wave. She waves like she is a contestant in a pageant.

Can you see those two little bottom teeth in this picture? I know it's hard, but I promise they are there!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Celebrate Maureen!!!!

Many of you know that my cousin Maureen was going through treatments for melanoma skin cancer. She finished her treatments last week and had her doctor's appointment last Friday. She got the results back today and she is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!! Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers. Please give prayers of thanksgiving now!!

We will be celebrating with Maureen tonight with cake and champagne. I decorated Maureen her own glass with some star garland and it says "Celebrate". Lily thought she would test it out and make sure it was ok. Don't worry Mo, I disinfected it! Can't wait to see you tonight!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Tyler said this was a "must post!"

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Big Chase!

So I've gotten a little grief, because I haven't posted in over a week! I'm very sorry. I've been adjusting to the life of working 40 hours a week and having a 10 month old, who has gotten really fast at crawling. Between the new job at Chatard, nannying for the girls, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, errands, and Tyler not getting home until around 8PM, I've been slightly busy. But we've had a wonderful week!

In the video Lily thinks her dad is HILARIOUS!! He is constantly making her laugh straight from the gut. Sometimes she just sees him coming and starts to laugh.

Lily has been adjusting to school. Many of the teachers go by to check on Lily and sometimes she even gets a stroller ride around the school from Fr. Rob. She's made a good friend, Annika. They seem to do everything together. When I went to pick up Lily today, Annika started to cry because she didn't want Lily to leave. Miss Alice told me Annika was very sad all day on Friday, because Lily was not there. They are too cute together.

Lily has been pulling up on everything and been getting into any kind of trouble she can find. She has conquered climbing the first step, too. Yesterday, she snuck a Diet Coke off the coffee table and proceeded to take a couple of sips.