Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Night Away

Both sets of grandparents gave us an amazing gift...a night's stay at the Marriott downtown with dinner included. This was for our second anniversary. Thank you so much to all of you!!!! We had tons of fun!!! We went to the IMAX to see a show about the Grand Canyon, which was awesome. Then we went out to dinner to Weber Grill. The food was delicious. Tyler claims that my mom's ribs are better. Do you think he may just be sucking up? We went to mass at St. John's, which is where our good friend Fr. Meyer resides. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. But the church is absolutely gorgeous, so it was definitely a special treat. We woke up Sunday and walked around downtown Indy and went to breakfast. It was our first full night away together since Lily was born. Break in story.......

Just had to let you know that as I'm writing this Lily has just found the out that we have a lamp that when you touch it, it turns on. If you keep touching it, it will get brighter. The room is going from pitch black to bright light about every 5 seconds.

Now some of you may know Lily is an amazing eater, but still not the best sleeper. She wakes up many times during the night. Now we don't go and get her, she eventually falls back asleep. Well, at about 2AM while she was at Nana's and Granddad's, Nana went downstairs to see Lily having a ball with her 2 uncles. They claim that they heard her, so they went to go get her. I guess you have uncles to spoil you, right?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Kid!

I had to post the picture below. I seriously think it may be one of the cutest that I have!!! She loves to give kisses now!! Also, one of her new loves is handing me all the silverware from the dishwasher. She thinks she is such a big girl when she pulls out a spoon and hands it to me to put away. Some other new tricks are asking to point to her nose (which she usually then picks), hair, belly button, and toes. We're still working on know where her ears and hands are.

I was able to get her walking with her new toy. I seriously can't believe how big she is!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Husband of the YEAR!

Last night I fell asleep very early on the couch. Right before falling asleep I was complaining about having to fold the 3 baskets of laundry that were still sitting out. I woke up this morning and Tyler has folded all 3 for me!!!!! Now this may not seem like a huge deal, but he totally helped me out so much. Folding laundry with a fast crawler who gets into everything is quite a task. It's the little things that he does for me that I absolutely love!

Also, Lily is now walking behind her push toy. I'll try to get it on video.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday pics!!!

The official last pics of Lily's first year of being alive!

She is seriously a nut!

Not sure the next time I will do a post with Lily's picture and the sign. Maybe on her 2nd birthday?

Catching up!!

First, she scoot in between the VERY small space between the table and couch. I thought I had pushed the candy bowl far enough back that she couldn't reach it.
Boy, was I wrong! Laughing, because she just snatched a piece.
How many pieces do you think she has in her mouth!!

Yet another post!! I hadn't posted in a while so I feel like I need to catch up. The pictures above are from the day after the party. All around the house I had candy corn in dishes and come to find out Lily LOVES candy corn. Actually, I think she may have been cursed with my tastebuds, because she loves ANYTHING that has sugar in it, just like me. This whole sequence just totally cracked me up, because she thought she was being so sneaky the whole time.

The Bash!

Lily had fun at her first birthday party! We had a chili bar, fire pit, and even rides on the surrey.

Lily loved pulling tissue paper out of bags and boxes. Sometimes she loved the tissue paper more then the present!!! But I loved all the adorable outfits she got.
Checking out her duck cake!
Can you see the big 1 on my shirt?
Lily and her buddy Nora.
Going on a surrey ride with Grandpa and Thomas.
Lily absolutely loved the big duck chip bowl. Now it's a toy we just have in our living room. She loves to climb inside of it.

Lily's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Lily Grace Mayer!!! The year has flown by with many memorable moments. I think Lily had a pretty good birthday.

For breakfast, she wore the birthday hat she got from school. I thought she would tear it off, but she actually liked wearing it.
Then we went at met all her school friends at the pumpkin patch. She loved the pumpkins so much she decided to lick them.
Lily and I at the patch.
Love this one!
We also went to the Pumpkin Patch with two of my sorority sisters, Amy and Lindsey. They came all the way for Lily's bash!!! Unfortunately, Tyler had been diagnosed with pnemonia. He hadn't really worked all week. He was finally feeling a little better for Lily's party.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy?? 2 year anniversary

Yes, it has officially been two years today! Now two years ago today was absolutely wonderful, but today could have gone a little better. At around 6 AM, Tyler wakes me up and says he has a 103 degree fever and he wanted some Gatorade. I decided I should run to the store right then, before Lily gets up. I pulled on a sweatshirt and I was out the door. I started backing up and boom, I scraped the side of Tyler's car. Both cars are scratched and Tyler's is dented! BOOO!!! And I was just trying to be a good wife. Between Tyler's illness and the car incident, so it hasn't exactly been a glorious day. Thank goodness for that little baby to brighten our day.
I think Tyler has lost weight since then, don't you?
The night of crazy dancing!

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Love you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Fun!

This week Lily and I went to the Children's Museum with Kirkland and Kjirste, the girls I babysite for. Lily had TONS of fun. Each time we go, there is more and more she is interested in.

Here we are playing in the sand.
Who's at the end of the tunnel? Kirkland and Lily! Although, Lily was deathly afraid to actually go through the tunnel.
Lily's heaven...turning on and off light switches. I swear she would be happy if this was all she did the whole day!
Lily and I as twins!! I didn't even notice until Uncle AJ said something!!! ah! Today we are heading to Chicago for a wedding. Lily will get to hang out with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Emily!

Oh yeah...and Lily threw her first fit for me. I thought those didn't come until you were 2. She was getting into the fridge and pulled out a baby carrot. I took it from her and she threw her whole body on the floor and starting SCREAMING!! There is definitely some spunk in this little one!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Weekend!

It's was GORGEOUS here all weekend! I would say it was the first fall weekend where you could wear your hoodie and jeans and that was perfect. Fall is for sure my favorite.

On Saturday we were outside!! We did an experimental try with Lily in the Pack and Play with toys, while we worked on the yard. She liked it! She thought is was fun to stand up and watch what we were doing. I had a first this weekend...I mowed my first ever lawn. And I would say it looks pretty good. It wasn't as hard as I had expected, although, I'm a little sad that my shoes are green now.

Tyler left very early Sunday to help lead the Junior Boys Retreat at Chatard, so Lily and I got to hang out. My friend Steph came for a quick visit. Then I headed downtown to help out with the Pro Life Chain. I had done this in high school and it definitely wasn't as meaningful. Now that I'm older and I have a little one myself, it hit me a little harder. There were so many people silently lining the streets, prayerfully holding posters. People of all ages and from all sides of town and from all walks of life coming together for such a meaningful cause. I'm glad that I got to be a part of it.

Just hanging out with Dad. Lily seriously GLOWS every time she sees Tyler!
Lily loves the dishwasher!

Go White Sox!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Day Off!!

This is the first day Lily and I have had off in a while. We were busy this morning going to Chatard to get our pictures taken for the yearbook. How funny is that....Lily in the BCHS yearbook. Actually, our WHOLE family is in the yearbook!!! Yikes!

This morning I took some pictures of Lily trying on the hat from her Godmother. Maureen will be out of town for her birthday, so she gave it to her early. It's this little pumpkin hat! Dressing babies is way too much fun.

Check out those teeth!