Friday, March 27, 2009

Bon Voyage!

So I've finally just started to feel better lately. Thank goodness! We made a trip to Chicago last weekend to see the Mayer's. It was so warm that we got to be outside a lot. Lily loved every second of it.

Lately, Lily has been sitting in the pantry. Not sure why...she's a nut!
Checking out all the animals outside.
Also, Tyler left today for El Salvador. He took 9 high school students on a mission trip there. I know that they arrived safely just a couple of hours ago. Please keep him and all the students in your prayers.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Girl!

Lily has officially moved out of her high chair and into a booster seat. She absolutely loves it! The first day I put it up, she sat in it for about 20 minutes, just hanging out. Here's a pic of her eating cereal...her new morning favorite!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh Boy!

I've had quite an absence from the blogging scene lately. With this pregnancy, has come much exhaustion and LOTS of sickness. Needless to say, most of my daily activities (errands, grocery shopping, cleaning) have all been pushed to the side. I'm 10 1/2 weeks, so most of this should be over soon. Or at least I'm hoping and praying that it will be!

I do have a story that I thought was a must share. Yesterday morning Lily and I were doing our normal thing. I stepped out into the garage around 7:45 a.m. to throw away some trash and grab a screwdriver. When I turned the door handle to come back in the house, it was LOCKED. Yes, our little princess has locked me out with my pajamas on and my nice black shoes I had slipped on real quick. Not to mention that I had just woken up and not even brushed my teeth. I didn't even know her fine motor skills were developed enough to turn that little lock.

I feel in my pockets are realize I had taken my phone out and put it on the counter just minutes before. I know all the doors are locked. I know my parents have a key, but they were already gone and would not be back for a while. I had to call Tyler and get a hold of him fast, because be begins to teach around 8:10 a.m. I scramble across the street to the first neighbors house and no one answers. I run back to our house is hopes that maybe Lily had unlocked the door. No luck! I run across the street to the next neighbors house and they answer! Thanks goodness! I'm sure they were quite confused, but they handed me their phone and I got a hold of Tyler. Amidst my moment of panic, when I tell Tyler, he immediately laughs. But said he would be on his way ASAP to help. I thank the neighbors and head back to our house.

I peer in the windows to see what our little "angel" might be doing and I don't see her. I knock on the window and she comes running. She has a huge smile on her face and is waving to me. Then she proceeds to show me some of her toys without a care in the world.

I begin to check the windows to see if I might be lucky enough to have one of them unlocked. All the windows in the family room were locked. I try the dining room and the smallest window is unlocked!!! I was able to shimmy it open, pull a dining room chair over to the window and hoist myself through. Tyler ended up not even having to come.

Thank goodness it all worked out and everyone was ok. Now I can breath a sigh of relief and laugh, too!