Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 months old!

Our little Bridge is 5 months old. She has tried rice cereal for the first time and really isn't a huge fan. She rolls and can even sit up for a couple of seconds. She is also beginning to get back at her sister. The other day she got ahold of Lily's hair and YANKED. Ah, the sister rivalry begins.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Catch Up!

I've neglected the blog lately! I feel like I have barely had two minutes to myself. I'll do a little catch up on our last couple of weeks.

We visited Auntie Emily at University of Dayton. It was so good to finally see her room and meet her roommate. Lily had a blast dancing in her dorm room. The trip there took 4 hours instead of 2, but the girls were AMAZING in the car. Tyler even rescued a man from his truck after it slid off the highway.

Tyler has been working lots of nights lately. Here's Ty and Bridg fitting in a little nap. Both mouths open...ha!

We have been indoors lots, with it being so cold. Lily has been really into building! Her favorite part is actually knocking it over. Who would have guessed?

On Valentine's weekend we went to Chicago. Here we are at Navy Pier!

Lily got to make her first Build-a-bear with Bamma! She was in awe the whole time! She picked a purple sparkly bear with a pink sparkly Sox outfit!

We took Bridget swimming for the first time at Rivi. She enjoyed the water, but not as much as when Lily was a baby. It's fun to have two girls and see how totally different they already are!

Uncle Bubba came for a visit!

Some other happenings:
1. Bridget rolled over!
2. Lily is officially potty trained. She decided it was time and told me. She hasn't had an accident since. Yeah! Only buying diapers for one!
3. Tyler emceed the auction at Chatard and did an amazing job!
I'm ready for the warm weather. Can't wait to take walks again and go to the park. I have enjoyed these lazy days of just cuddling on the couch in the mornings. Bridget is 5 months today. Hopefully, I will get those pictures posted tomorrow!