Monday, January 28, 2008

Guitar Hero

So I came downstairs yesterday to see this!! Lily LOVED playing Guitar Hero. I'm getting slightly worried here...ESPN yesterday and Guitar Hero today. I think I may need to take her to do something really girly like going to the hair salon.

Here's Lily with Uncle AJ. Usually, Lily recognizes him right away, but today she looked at him with a confused look. She'd never seen him with such short hair or with glasses. Lookin' good Uncle AJ!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Watching ESPN with Dad

Tyler has started Lily early! She loved sitting next to Dad and watching sports center. Last night Tyler and I went out for the second time since Lily has been born. Uncle Andrew and Uncle Greg were her babysitters. She was quite the pistol I heard. We hope they will come and babysit again. Surely, they can't say no to her cute face, right?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some favorites!

Lily finally got to meet Brother John. This weekend we went to see Michael take his simple vows to be a Benedictine monk. Michael just finished his novice year, so we hadn't seen him in over a year. It was an amazing ceremony!

Here's Lily cheesing it up!

My two cuties!

Here's Lily and Maureen. She's the best Godmother ever!!

3 months old!

I was having a slightly more difficult time taking pitures of Lily this month for two reasons. The first is she has discovered her hands. They rarely leave her mouth and if they do, she loves to hold them together and it looks like she's praying. I was also trying to get her to smile on cue. This child LOVES to smile, but every time the flash would go off, she would stop. But I think I still got some good ones.

She decided that since she's bigger than Mr. Bear she can eat him!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lily's Dilemma

Lately, Lily has been faced with a problem. She's trying to decide which football she will be a fan of. Now, this year it's a little easier, since the Colts are the only ones in the playoffs. But next season, will she choose to be a fan of her birthtown team? She's feeling a little pressure from Tyler and Grandpa Mayer to be a Chicago Bears fan. She has also considered being a Cleveland Browns fan. She knows Grandma Mayer and her godfather, Nick cheer for them.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Baptism and Greeting the New Year

Lily said goodbye to original sin on December 31st!!

It was a beautiful ceremony in the chapel at St. Luke. Lily wore the Christening gown that I wore. Also, her godmother, Maureen, wore it. My Aunt Judy made it out of my mother's wedding gown material.

Both Fr. Steve and Fr. Meyer were there to preside.

We had a party afterward to celebrate Lily and 2008. Here is Lily and her 2 favorite grandmothers. Lily was up at midnight to bring in the New Year!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lily has met lots of new people

Lily went to the Mark Christmas party and got to meet 2 other brand new cousins, Nathan and Michael. Above is a picture of Lily's 3 cute cousins Maureen, Kate and Becky.

Lily also got to meet a creepy Elvis!

Here's Thomas holding Lily. He was a natural.