Monday, April 28, 2008

We're baaaack!

Hanging out with Uncle Nick after bath time.
Lily and Auntie Emily before prom.
Emily and her boyfriend Fro!

We are back safe and sound from Chicago. We had tons of fun hanging out with the Mayer family!!! Lily got some quality hanging out time with her Auntie Emily and Grandma and Grandpa Mayer held her every chance they got. Lily loved it!!

Lily went on the swings for the first time in Chicago. She absolutely loved them!!! I did not bring my camera. Do you believe it?!?!? Amy had hers though, so hopefully we will get some pictures up soon. We are definitely going to go to the park more often. We also got to see some of my friends (Amy, Lisa, and Cate) who I don't get to see very often.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey from Chicago!

Lily and I are on yet another one of our adventures. This time we are visiting the Windy City. Grandma and Grandpa Mayer went out of town, so we came to hang out with Emily for the week. It's been like a mini-vacation for work, no cleaning, no errands, none of the crazy day-to-day stuff. We've enjoyed just hanging out.

We did call Grandma Mayer yesterday to find the nearest park. It was absolutely gorgeous here and I've been dying to see if Lily will like the swings. So we get the directions I pack up the diaper bag making sure to include sunscreen and a hat for Lily. Yes, I am one of those crazy overprotective mothers. I change Lily's diaper and feed her. I get Lily strapped in the carseat and we're off. For those of you who have never had to get ready to leave the house with an infant, it is quite a process and can take quite a while, plus it leaves you rather tired. But we are finally out of the house and I'm following our directions to the park. It's only about a 5 minute car ride. We manage to get there quite easily and I pull into a parking spot, just in time to see Lily close her eyes. I pause for a couple of minutes, thinking she would wake up. But nope, she sure did not. So without even getting out of the car I pull out and head back home! Maybe we will try again today.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Forgot to tell you...Lily survived her first earthquake. We were awake at the time and felt some small trembles and then it really started shaking. I was definitely more freaked out than Lily. Tyler was in such a deep sleep he rolls over and the fan broken? ha! 5.2 that's pretty crazy!! I was surprised how hard it was shaking and that NOTHING in our house fell over or got broken.

Happy 1/2 birthday!

Lily is half way to 1! She went to the doctor yeserday and is right on track! She's gaining weight and growing like a little weed. The whole picture with the bear and sign is progressively getting more difficult. It was not too long ago she didn't even realize she was sitting next to a bear.

Now she likes to attack her bear.

Then play with her shoelaces!

And then see if the sign tastes like anything good. From the look on her face (wish I had it on camera) the taste of paper is not pleasing to her.

Here's Lily with her Uncle AJ. He got her this present for her 1/2 birthday. Wasn't that so nice?!?!?! You must remember he a 20 yr. old, male!!!! He impresses me more everyday. He bought it at Babies R Us. Oh how I wish I could see him in the store among all the pregnant bellies. Hilarious!! Anyways, he decided Lily needed a guitar so that she could be a Guitar Hero, just like her dad...ok and sometimes like her mom, too. And for those of you who know a little about Guitar Hero, there's even a whammy bar on Lily's guitar....ha!

The picture above with her shoelaces reminded be of a funny story. On spring break Lily discovered her toes and decided they were her new #1 toy with the yogurt coming in at a very close #2. Anyways, we were driving the other day and I looked back in the mirror to see what she was doing. Not only had she pulled on both of her shoes, but also both socks. She was just sitting there playing with her toes! She cracks me up!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tribute to Patches

The house has definitely been more empty without Patches. I still immediately go to the laundry room to feed her every morning and listen for her to walk up the stairs at night. She was such great company and also a fierce watchdog. She would bark like crazy when the someone would knock on the door. Little did they know that if they walked in, they would be greeted with lots of licks. We miss her tons!!! Getting those two to both look at the camera was impossible. I tried for like 10 minutes. The second I would get one to look, the other would look away. I know I looked like a fool trying to do it too....making all sorts of noises and waving my hands madly. I think I still got some good ones though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

We had visitors!

Aunt Barb and Uncle Joe came to visit this weekend with Joey (Tyler's godchild) and Ellie. The kids were such a crack up and had so much fun with Lily. They were so sad when they found out Lily could not sleep with them on the blow up mattress.
The last picture is of Lily SITTING UP!!! I totally can't believe it. To the Moms out there...Is there anything I can do to make her stop growing?!?!? I want her to stay little forever. She's just so much fun right now.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Break '08

Claire and Michelle Breen with Lily!

So we made it back from Florida. Our flight home was cancelled, but luckily we were able to catch another flight home that day. We headed out to the Tampa airport at 11:30 a.m. and we did not get to our house until 11 p.m. Lily was an ANGEL....thank goodness.

Our week in Florida was amazing!!! Lily and I enjoyed early morning walks. Aunt Liz would also take Lily for a walk everyday. Maureen and I would venture out to the beach everyday. I was recalling the days going to the beach without a baby. I would bring my bag to the beach with my towel, sunscreen, cd player, book, and brush. Now with Lily, I have enough stuff to build my own house on the beach. It's worth it though!!!

It was also amazing to see Maureen's strength day in and out. For those of you who do not know my cousin Maureen, she is going through cancer treatment. She has to give herself interferon shots 3 times a week. Her faith and fortitude is truly an inspiration.

I took a trillion pictures, like I'm sure all 1st time mothers do. I have included lots of them!!!

Maureen, Lily and I at sunset.
Maureen definitely had the touch this week. She was able to put Lily right to sleep.
This is my cousin Dan. He had watched Lily for a while. This is right after we walked in the door and he whispers, "Do NOT say a word." He had finally just gotten her to sleep. I think she may have given him a run for his money.
Just thought this one was cute.
Isn't the water beautiful?!?!

Lily can get her toe in her mouth!! CRAZY!!!
Lookin' cool before she heads to the beach.
Chillin' in the raft!
One of my favorites!!
Lily trying her first strawberry dacquiri.

Lily loved the sand....until she got it in her eyes!!!