Saturday, May 10, 2008

One Big Mess

Lily is learning how to drink from a sippy cup! I usually give the cup to her right before I change her into her clothes for the day. That way, she can get as wet as she wants. Today, she had poured most of the water on the tray, so I added a little rice cereal to see what she would do. First, she put her hand in it and was totally confused. Then she took her clean hand and tried to get the cereal off with her other hand. With some frustration, she realized that would not work, so she dipped her hand in the rice cereal. After a couple of minutes, Lily discovered she could swish her hand in the cereal and then eat it. She thought that was fun!

Today, Tyler's lacrosse team begins the end of the year tournament. Good luck to them! Also, update on Tyler's mini marathon run (thanks for reminding me Jenny!)...he finished in under 2 hours and never stopped running. I was rather impressed!!!

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Grandma Mayer said...

I think I had as much fun looking at these pictures as you did playing with the cereal. Is this the sign of an artist or chef in the making?