Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Day at the Park

Lily, Nana Mark, and I enjoyed going down the slides and swinging at the park! Clearly, she loved it.
I had a great 1st mother's day! Dunkin Donuts were downstairs when I woke up. Tyler had made a really cute card with a picture of Lily on it and also got me a book that I'm very excited about. For dinner, we went to my parents' house and my brothers and Dad had made dinner. What a relaxing day!!!


Sabrina said...

ok seriously, she gets cuter every time i check this crazy blog! that last picture is just too cute and i love her pink coat!

lindsey said...

Ok...I'm in love. What a pumpkin and a half!

janna said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

You're the best mom, Allison. I love seeing all the pictures of the fun things you both do. Lily is lucky to have you!

She is the cutuest little nugget!

Kelly said...

Glad you had a nice Mom's Day!
That last picture is hilarious, and I agree with Janna, she has an awesome Mom! :)

kathy joyce said...

Allison and Tyler~What a cutie pie Lily is!and continues to grow up to be-Mike, Megan, Matt nor myself have actually met Lily in person but feel as though we know her well, through this GREAT technology!! We cannot wait for this summer to actually have you guys be apart-of the Family Celebration! Lots of Love~A.Kathy