Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jumpin' Baby

I figured out how to download movies from my camera! I'm pretty proud of myself, because I usually stumble with "technological things". Anways, here's a little clip of Lily's new favorite...her Jumparoo. She would be in it for hours if she could.

She has also been eating Cheerios all by herself. She can usually get one in her mouth about 1/3 of the time. They usually end up sticking to her face or hand or are on the floor. It's pretty funny to watch.


Jenny said...

Even though he's over the weight limit I still throw William in his jumpy for 10 min so I can take a shower! And he never tires of it.

Hey Allison- whatever happened with Tyler's race? Is he still alive?

amy j. said...

haha i want one of those, that is awesome. lily is so cute. :)

Kelly said...

Just so you know my brother is having a baby and everything you put on here I am ordering haha...the bumbo chair, now the jumperoo...thank you for educating me :-) Lily is just a peanut!

Grandma Mayer said...

Lily, you are toooo cute! I'm so glad you're having fun jumping. Maybe you'll be doing toe loops and Salchows soon. Have a fun weekend and be sure to spoil Mom on Sunday. Miss you and love you lots!