Thursday, May 01, 2008

First Outing!

Lily and I went to our very first baby hour at the library. It's a wonderful little program and competely FREE. Doesn't that make it even better? You go and sit and they read books and sing songs. Lily loved watching all the other kids and I also enjoyed the company of some other moms.

Lily also proved her toughness there. She was playing with some toys and a girl came over who could walk and snatched the toy right out of Lily's hands. The girl started to play with it right in front of Lily. She decided she would have none of that, so she reached all the way over and snatched the toy right back. Glad to know she can stick up for herself.

Also, yesterday the Pack and Play came down in the family room. Lily used to take naps all the time in it when she was little, but now she will only take naps in her crib. It's nice to see that only most of our family room (instead of all of it) it being taken over by baby stuff. But the toys are multiplying quickly and I'm sure will take over soon enough.

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