Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lily recently join a soccer league at the YMCA. She was placed on Team Crush. for 3-4 year olds is the BEST. Yes, it great for Lily to learn about sportsmanship, being on a team, and improving her coordination skills. But it is HILARIOUS for adults. After about 5 minutes of corralling all the kids in, they are just about ready to begin the game. The coach asks, "Now, does anyone know which goal is ours?" Not one kid knew. They just stared blankly. The games mostly consists of kids running in no real direction or just standing and staring. There's always one kid running off the field to give his/her mom a hug. One kid was running around with a cone on his face. Another was just tackling other kids. I was laughing most of the time.
Here's our star soccer player!

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