Sunday, August 24, 2008

Staying Cool

First, Tyler's team won their first game on Friday. Lily and I didn't make it to that one, but we hope to go soon. Today was one of the hotter days of summer in Indy. We decided to cool off by playing in some water. We even got the hose out for a while!

Splashing in the water.
Showing me a really cool leaf she found!
We have tons of these flowers in our backyard. Lily was absolutely intrigued by them. As she felt each flower, she was very gentle. It was so precious to see!


stephanie said...

i love lily's belly in the first/top two pictures. =)

Jenny said...

You just summed up the difference between boys and girls because I don't think I've EVER used the word "gentle" on my blog!

So cute! Enjoy the summer while it lasts. Winter with a toddler gets very interesting.