Monday, August 11, 2008

Megan's Wedding!

We are back from Cleveland and had an AMAZING time!!! Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Lily had so much fun finally meeting the O'Brien family. So I have the counter on my blog and it tells me how many people visit our blog each day. I can also see the city each of you is checking from. We have visitors spanning from Hawaii to England! Anyways, we average about 30 hits a day...but not on Saturday! I think we only had about 15 hits. So thank you to the O'Brien family for always checking to see what Lily is up to. Our site suffered when all of you were busy on Saturday! ha! Here are the pics from the weekend!

Lily and the BEAUTIFUL couple! Megan and Matt...Lily needs a little one to hang out with!

My two cuties!
Tyler's cousin Ali, with Lily.

Lily and Tyler's cousin Katie.

OUR FAMILY! What is Tyler doing?

There we are!
The two oldest grandchildren what Grandma O'Brien!
Thanks Grandma Mayer for my totally cute dress!

Lily with her cousin Ellie and Monica!

Thanks for an amazing weekend everyone. We had way too much fun.


stephanie said...

LOVE the dress!!!!!

amy j. said...

Her dress is soooo cute

Sabrina said...

how cute is her little dress?! she's such a fashionable girl!

Anonymous said...

What fun we had seeing you and Tyler at Megan and Matt's wedding. We so enjoyed meeting Lily for the first time-she is so adorable on this blog but the pictures don't do her justice-in person she is one of the happiest of babies and was dressed so darn cute-she was the "Belle of the Ball" Thank you for making the trip-we so loved our visit with the Mayer Threesome!! A. Kathy