Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hanging out in a box!

I should seriously never have to buy another toy again. Lily does not want toys, she wants real things! Today we were in the car and she was rather grumpy, so I handed her her plastic keys...she threw them. Then I gave her a little rattle....she threw it. Then I tried this other cutsie plastic toy....tossed! Then I gave her a box of kleenex (I was desperate now!) and she loved it. She played with that the whole way home. Who knew?!?!

Lily thinks it's REALLY cool to hang out in this box. Seriously, she will sit there forever playing with Dad's old phone.

Whoa...hey double chin and cheeks!
This is an older one, but it makes me laugh.


stephanie said...

ok, i love the one of lily just chillin. the second picture...with the double chin, ha...i think she looks like tyler in that one! sorry ty!

amy j. said...

Hahaha I love that she has more fun in a box than the million toys you have!! Haha. So funny.

Brandy said...

Cracking up about the double chin picture. She's gonna hate you for that later on in life :)