Monday, August 18, 2008

Double Digits!

Happy 10 month birthday to Lily! Lily's cooperation level for these pictures was quite low. She wanted the camera and the piece of paper. As I type, Lily is crawling around the kitchen floor. She still sometimes incorporates the army creep. She has two bottom teeth. I tried to get them in the picture, but she didn't want to show them. She drinks from the sippy cup all by herself and really isn't into baby food anymore. She would much rather have finger food, so that she can feed herself. The DVD's, pantry, and drawers of rags are her newest favorite toys.
Tomorrow (I think) will be Lily's first time going to the Chatard Preschool. I'm a little bit sad. I know she will love it, because she always has so much fun when she's around kids. The transition will be much harder for me. But she will be just a flight of stairs away and in wonderful hands.
I can't believe she is almost a year old!


Sabrina said...

so, i thought the second picture was kind of funny, but i laughed out loud at the last one where you gave up and just held the sign yourself. ha! she's such a wild woman, but cuter than ever!

stephanie said...

her legs look soooo long in the one picture. good for her. i hope she is a tall sexy lady!