Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dad's First Day of Summer

Tyler has the WHOLE month of July off and Lily and I are so excited. We decided to start the month off with a trip to the Children's Museum. It was Lily's first time and she loved it. I think Tyler did too, because as soon as we got home he passed out on the couch. Too much excitement for him in one day. And you guessed it....Lily Grace Mayer did NOT pass out. She is still chillin and playing with her toys as I type.

Tyler and Lily with Martimus the Polar Bear. Lily's eyes were glued to him, so couldn't get a very good picture.
Going down the slide with Dad. She wasn't totally sure she liked this.
Lily on the ballerina bar. She would even go up on her tip toes. All she needed was a tutu.
More ballerina practice.
Lily and Tyler driving and Indy Race Car.

As with the merry-go-round at the zoo, Lily didn't know if she particularily liked it. Her face made me totally crack up!!! All-in-all we had a wonderful day and we're looking forward to the rest of the month with Dad.


Sabrina said...

the video of her does NOT disappoint. she is not very sure about the whole thing and i love that you can hear allison cracking up in the background! she's way too cute!

Jenny said...

William is watching the video with me right now saying, "WEEEEE!"

And then when it's done he says, "Do 'gain!"

He's a fan so keep the videos coming! She's SOOOO cute!

Fr. Steve said...

Dear Allison, Tyler and all gentle readers:

What a great idea to take Lily to the Children's Museum to try out career opportunities! It looks, from Lily's facial expressions (or lack of one with the bear), that zoologist/animal trainer, ballerina and race car driver are her top choices! Wait, that was Tyler's facial expression for the race car driver career.

Fr. Steve

Catho said...

I don't know what was more fun - 90seconds of watching Lily completely not be able to make up her mind (I can't believe she didn't start either wailing or laughing!) or recognizing that the music on that carousel has not changed IN TWENTY YEARS!!!! Remember how lucky you felt when you got to sit on a "jumper"?! Love it.

stephanie said...

tooooo cute!

stephanie said...

tooooo cute!