Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another fun-filled weekend!

The Mayer's had a very exciting weekend! Tyler got to play golf with GENE KEADY!!!!! As a Purdue alum, that's pretty awesome. Tyler's buddy, Mike Hall (winner of Dream Job), works at the Big Ten Network with Gene and set up the whole thing. Look at those studs!

Tyler and Lily spent the weekend in Chicago. Lily made her first appearance at Sunset Pool. The summer employment of Tyler for many years and now Emily has followed in his footsteps. Just a few short years and she'll be conquering the waterslides.
They also got to celebrate Emily's 17th birthday!!!
Tyler got to go downtown and see Brian and Jenny! Tyler went to St. Thomas with them. They live in Minnesota, so it's a rarity that we get to see them. From the picture, I would say they had a good time.
While they were busy in Chicago, I visited Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. My friend Sharon Alexy, had her bachelorette party there. It's a totally cute town and the beach was beautiful. I had an amazing time getting to know some of her other friends. Sorry, no pictures...Tyler got the camera this weekend. It was hard being away from Lily and I was excited to come back and see her. When she saw me her little feet started to kick and she had a huge smile. She melted my heart for sure.

We're excited for this weekend.....absolutely NOTHING on the calendar. It will be great to just relax and hang out.

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Jenny said...

We're so sad we didn't get to see you or Lily! The night was crazy, as expected, but it was so great to see Lily again. Hopefully our WHOLE families can get together soon.