Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lily Loves Laundry!

Come to find out...Lily thinks the laundry basket is so fun! One day she was sitting next to a basket of folded clean laundry. One by one she picked up every piece of clothing and threw it. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't be mad that I had to refold the whole basket. Now, when I do laundry I just sit her right next to the basket and she helps "sort" it. Keeps her occupied! Also, her newest thing is to give kisses. She puts her mouth right on your mouth and cheek and applies slobber. Love it! She also has a new dance move, where she shakes her head and looks like Stevie Wonder. I'm hoping to get this one on tape. No teeth or crawling yet. Both are bound to come any day.


Sabrina said...

so cute! i can't handle it! and she's rocking her squirrel shirt! holla!

stephanie said...

love the squirrels!!!!! alpha gam up!!!!