Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th!

We were able to squeeze in a quick trip to the park.

Hanging out with Great Grandma Mayer!
The Parade!
Read below to see what happened!

We were MIA for a while, but we are back in Indy. We left last Wednesday for Chicago and came back on Sunday. We had a GREAT trip. The Freedom Four race started our festivities. Tyler ran as Lily and I walked around the course. She actually fell asleep in the stroller, which NEVER happens. We went to the parade and then had a BBQ at grandma's and grandpa's (including an amazing game of Apples to Apples). Then we headed to the MacDonald's house and finished with amazing fireworks over the lake. Lily didn't come this year, but we hope to take her next year. Nick and Christine had a party on the 5th and we had a blast there. We were non-stop busy!!! I wasn't a very good photographer this weekend and only got a couple of shots.
So the last picture...BOOOOO!!!! My mom had come over to our house on Saturday to find Tyler's truck looking like the above. Someone hit it and ran. The neighbors saw the car pulling away, but didn't get the license plate number. They called and at least got a police report. But since we can't catch the people who hit it, we are responsible for the deductible!! BOOOO AGAIN!!! I'll have to get a picture of the rental car Tyler got! It's neon blue!! haha!! They are supposed to tow the car today and determine how much the damage had been done.
Hope all of you had a great 4th of July!

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Fr. Steve said...

Dear Allison, Tyler, and all gentle readers:

Cute photo (as it should be)!

Cute photo (as expected)!

Cute photo (of course)!

Cute photo (naturally)!


I hope the truck can be fixed asap! Glad to know you had a great time in Chicago.

Fr. Steve