Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting into Trouble!

Lily loves to open and close the pantry door. Today she decided to see how much stuff she could take off the shelves. She was able to find her favorite snack and take the lid off. She proceeded to help herself to some of the puffs. She thought she was pretty cool.
We went to the doctor on Monday and everything looks good. She shot up in height and is now in the 95th percentile. She definitely does not get her height from me. Notice her onesie...it says BCHS Future Trojan. That is my alma mater and Tyler's current place of employment and now my place of employment. I will be working as the assistant in the campus ministry office. Yes, Tyler will be my boss, but only for 20 hours a week. I am his boss all the others. It should work out perfect, because my schedule will be flexible. Also, they are opening a day care center at Chatard, so Lily will literally be one floor below me. The people I nanny for are moving to Chicago, so that's why we had to come up with Plan B. I'm excited, but also a little sad I won't be with Lily those 20 hours.


janna said...

I love you comment about being the boss the rest of the 148 hours of the week ;) (Yes, I just did the math)

Lily is as cute as ever!

stephanie said...

are you ready to be working for the man?!?! ha, totally kidding. who will be with lily those 20 hours?