Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Alone

I'm home alone today. My last day at BCHS was on Tuesday. The girls have their last day of Trojan Tots today. Lily will continue to go next year, but Bridget will stay home with me. Yes, I will officially be a stay-at-home mom. Lil is thrilled because she gets to go 3 days a week and Daddy is taking her to school. Bridget always liked school and they did so many fun things with the kids. But she's the kind of kid who will be happy to be at home everyday. Lily would scale the walls if she had to stay home everyday, so it will be a perfect mix.

It's so quiet here. I'm NEVER here by myself. It was nice in the morning to relax and not have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I've also been able to keep my feet up, so the swelling has been kept to a minimum. My feet have been swelling a lot with this warm weather.

It's nice to know that in a couple hours it will be chaos again. I love the energy and fun that Lily and Bridget (and even Tyler :) ) bring. And I think I'm ready for even more chaos, energy, and fun from the twins.

Four under four...four before we're 30! It still blows my mind. I also can't believe these little ones haven't come yet either. It's pretty unusual for twins not to have come yet. I went to the doctor on Monday and go again on Friday. My doctor has delivered MANY babies and he said he has very rarely had to induce twins. But he said if they don't come soon he will most likely induce June 2nd. I've been having some contractions, but nothing painful. I'm ready to have these babies out! I didn't know I could be this uncomfortable! Walking from room to room is even a challenge. Plus, I'm so ready to meet them and begin the adventure of a family of six with a set of twins!

We've been doing lots of activities where I can sit and watch the girls play.

Here they are playing with shaving cream. Have I mentioned Bridget hates clothes lately. It may be a naked summer for her.

Here's Lil at her gymnastics performance. Nana had been taking her to this class and she loved it!

We will keep you updated on the blog and let you know when we head to the hospital. We will get pics up as soon as we can, too!

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