Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Conversation with Lily

Lily: Mom, you can't have beer, right?
Me: (slightly confused) Yes, that's right.
Lily: But after the twins come, then you can have beer, right?
Me: Yes, that's correct.

I guess Tyler and I need to be a little more careful with our conversations. Those little ears hear everything.

I will be 34 weeks on Wednesday. I went to the doctor last week and everything is looking great! My blood pressure is still great and I'm having no swelling. I go again next week and have an ultrasound. No bed rest and no contractions! Yeah! I haven't really been sleeping either and they gave me a couple remedies that will hopefully out. I know these babies need to stay in a little longer, but holy cow, are they making me uncomfortable.

Some friends threw a diaper shower this weekend! We are so grateful!!!! Now we have quite a stash!!!!! I read in my twins book that we should expect to go through 400 diapers in the first month!!! WHAT?!?! That doesn't even count Bridget. Oh my! So if you're feeling bored in June, come to the Mayer house and we can put you to work!

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