Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Up Again!

I think this is my third time up tonight! When is this baby going to come? I've been feeling some pressure, but nothing significant. I still think I have a couple of days. I just can't wait to sleep on my stomach again and have a glass of wine.

I have no picture updates, just a funny story to tell. I go to the doctor weekly now and my mom always watches Lily while I go. Two weeks ago something unexpected came up and she couldn't watch Lily, so my Dad said he would love to watch her. He was very excited to have time all to himself with Lily. I dropped her off and headed to my appointment. I told my dad I would be back in 30 minutes, because they were usually quick appointments. Well, of course, this one was not! I was there for an hour and fifteen minutes. I called my Dad as soon as I got out and told him I was on my way home.

As I pulled in the driveway I noticed my Dad was standing in the driveway, holding Lily, but still smiling. Most of you know that my Dad is blind, just keep that in mind. My first thought, "Oh no, she gave him a run for his money." And boy was I right. Then as I pulled closer, I noticed something white all over her face and arms. I got out, thanked my dad, and gave Lily a hug. My dad pulled a little bottle of Whiteout out of his pocket and told me that was what was on her face. He had found her putting it on like it was make up.

I went inside to help wash the rest of it off. As I walked into the kitchen, there were red pepper flakes EVERYWHERE. Her little hands had got into the pantry and she definitely thought it was fun to shake that little bottle. There was also a pile of paprika inside the pantry.

Grandad has a couple of other little stories about his morning with Lily. You'll have to ask him if you see him. Although, it was a crazy morning, he said he would still love to babysit her again. I think she may have him wrapped around her finger!

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