Sunday, September 27, 2009


waiting! I noticed we've have lots more hits lately and I'm sure most of you are checking to see if Mayer #2 has arrived! Well, he or she really wants to hang out with just me! As soon as something begins to happen, we will let you know!! But as of now, NOTHING is going on! I had a wonderful birthday! The Mayer's came in town and we ordered Chinese. Not even the Kung Pao chicken helped this labor begin. They brought Lily her first Bears cheerleading costume! ha!

So with the encouragement from Tyler and my mom, I trimmed Lily's bangs. She looks WAY older!

Last night the Reilly clan came over to watch football. Lily and Erin and a blast running around the house together. They also have a son Conner, who is 7 months old. Lily was absolutely loved him and was so gentle with him. Whenever he cried she rushed right over to help him. Hopefully, this continues to happen with Mayer #2.

Today, if it's warm enough, we might go take a dip in the pool at Nana's house. The Mayer's are also going to stop by on their way back from visiting Emily and Dayton. We just continue to wait until something happens. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I will update then!

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Catherine said...

shut up with the bangs. love it!!! can't wait for the coming days of excitement!! xo, c