Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Latest Steal

For those of you who know me well, I love a deal. Yes, I clip coupons and only buy diapers when I can get them for $8.99 and have a coupon. When I shop for clothes I almost always have a coupon. So I'm totally pumped about my last purchase.

Lily and I were on our way to the library and drove by a garage sale in our neighborhood. I slowed down so I could get a quick glance. I had been wanting to get Lily a little table and chair set and I thought I saw one. We stopped to check it out. I have a picture of it below. It's totally cute and we don't even need to repaint it. It was only $5!!!!!!!! Also, the tea set was right next to it, so we went for the tea set as well. Lily absolutely loves both!! She drags anyone who walks into our house upstairs for a tea party.

Not only did I find the tea set and table, I got Lily one more thing. It's a Little Tikes Vanity set. Lily can sit on this little chair and look in the mirror. When you pick up the hairdryer is makes the hairdryer sound. When you pick up the brush, it says something about styling your hair! Ha! Lily is a total girly girl, so I when I saw this, I knew I had to get it, too. It keeps her busy for over 10 minutes at a time, which is huge. I'll try to get some pics of that later, because it's hysterical to see her put on the lipstick and nail polish. And if you need a pedi, our house is definitely the place to visit. All 3 items for $15! I don't think you could find a better deal.

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Brandy P said...

Wow...great find Allison! You know I love a good deal too! By the way tomorrow Kmart starts their double coupons.
They'll double coupons up to $2 so if you have a $2 dollar coupon it would actually take $4 off! Last time I got 2 pacjages of baby wipes for free and four bucks off diapers :)