Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back From Vacation

We just got back from beautiful Sylvan Lake in northern IN. My parents rented a lake house on the lake. Coincidentally, the Mayer's cousin (Cindy) lived about .25 miles away, also on the lake. We were lucky enough for Grandma, Papa, Auntie Emily, and Fro (Emily's boyfriend) to come visit.

Tyler's only catch of the week. He was so proud!!
Swimming with Daddy in the lake.

More swimming!!

Drinking soda with Katie and Uncle G.

Rickey enjoying the boat.

Eating corn on the cob!!
It was a very relaxing week!! Lily was in heaven with all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We played lots of Uno, drank many beers and margaritas (not me of course), and ate delicious food, and kissed deer (please talk to Tyler for further explanation on this one). We also visited Sylvan Springs where the Sisters of the Precious Blood used to reside and help those with health problems. It is said that the Virgin Mary visited one of the nuns there. There have been many apparitions since then and then even have some photographs. We visited some of the buildings on the grounds that were over 100 years old. Very interesting!!!
We are glad to be home. School is going to start before we know it!

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stephanie said...

hahaha...lily loves corn! i dont think i have ever seen someone so tiny eat corn on the cob!