Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th!

I spent my 6th 4th of July in Glen Ellyn! I can't believe I've been hanging around Tyler that long. All the festivities again, did not disappoint this year. Uncle "Neek" and Aunt "CC", as Lily calls them, had their annual party on the third. Lily enjoyed finding all the candy hiding around Aunt CC's house and bossing Rocky and Gizmo around.

We actually missed the Freedom Four, which is a 5K that Tyler runs every year. I always just watch. I tried one year and made it all of 200 yards. The weather was a little dreary. But the rain held off to just a sprinkle for the parade. Lily was mesmerized by the fire engines and loved waving her little American flag.

The parade is always fun if you get to sit with PaPa.
Eating candy and watching the parade with Mommy.

Grandma, Tyler and Lily watching the parade. Lily is not looking, because she wouldn't take her eyes off of whatever was coming by in the parade.
We went back to Grandma and Papa's and had a delicious cookout! We celebrated Auntie Emily's 18th birthday with cake and then Tyler and I went to the Annual MacDonald Brew Ha-ha! We saw lots of Ty's friends from high school and then walked over to the lake to watch the fireworks. They were REALLY good this year. Another great 4th!

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stephanie said...

did lily have to flash in order to get those beads?!?!?