Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lake Shafer and the tree

Whoa! Long overdue! Here are the pictures (finally) from the Mark Family Reunion. Every year we pack up and head to Indiana Beach for the weekend. When we were little this place was a very close second to Christmas. You ride the rides all weekend and eat the best junk food in the world. This year I was pretty excited to go and see Lily ride the rides. She liked them, but was totally thrilled about them. She was much more eager to eat ice cream.

When you get home on Sunday you just have this feeling. Tyler likes to call it the "Lake Shafer Hangover." Now, yes there are many who may have a hangover from the previous night, but even my pregnant body feels the Lake Shafer Hangover. You get home and you body just feels horrible because you ate fried food for 2 1/2 days straight with no vegetables or fruit. But it's all worth it. It was great to see everybody! Lily especially had fun because she had 4 other cousins there her age. At one point she took her cousin Elisa's hand, who is about 6 months old, and told her to walk. ha! Maybe next year those two will run a muck together.
Riding the merry-go-round with Daddy.
She is a motorcycle babe!

This was her favorite, the train. When she got off she clapped and said, "Yea!"

Yes, lots has happened since my last post! This past weekend we had a pretty bad storm on Friday night. Part of our tree fell down and hit our fence. Thank goodness it went toward the fence and not the house. Lily's room is directly in front of it.

Tyler spent all of Saturday cutting this bad boy up and after about 8 hours of work realized he needed some professional help. They cut the rest of the tree today and hauled it away. The whole day Lily proceeded to say, "Tree broke." She was very sad about it. Tyler mended the fence and it looks great! We lost a lot of shade in our backyard, but at least Tyler won't have as many leaves to rake in the fall.

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