Monday, November 03, 2008

Lily's first birthday party!

YES! Finally, something I LOVE...FOOD! Lily is an amazing eater. Yesterday, she ate broccoli and spinach. Is that normal?

I'm way more happy about jumping than Lily.

Lily attended her first party for a friend. It was Kirkland's 3rd birthday!! They had the party at Bounce Zone. It had all these crazy jumpy things and slides. Now Lily wasn't too sure about the jumpy stuff as you can tell from the picture. But she was VERY happy about eating pizza and cupcakes. Uncle AJ was nice enough to get up early and come with us. Dad had football, so he couldn't go. I think it's safe to say that Uncle AJ had fun at the party! He loved going down all the slides.
It's election day and Tyler has called me from the line at the poll. He said it will be a while and I should dress Lily warm, because the line is all the way outside!!! We pray that the Catholics of our nation vote with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Life is sacred from womb to tomb.

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