Friday, November 21, 2008

Hanging Out

Cooking up some Thanksgiving dinner in her own kitchen.
By the way, she's wearing pink sparkly shoes given to her by her friend at school. I took them off for nap and as soon as she saw them, she screamed to have them back on. ha! If I hand pink sparkly shoes I would want to wear them all the time too!

She loves her little doll and gives her hugs and kisses.

This is Lily's new look. She makes this horrible frown face and it just started this week. I don't like it!

Today and yesterday Lily and I have been just hanging out and running some errands. It's been so nice to just have a little break. Lily has taken a couple of steps. She's definitely not confident and really only does it when she doesn't realize she's doing. I think by Thanksgiving she'll be cruising. Tyler left a couple of hours ago for the semi-state football game. They are supposed to win and then head to state next weekened. If they win Tyler and I will be hosting our first Thanksgiving. I'm pretty excited!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

I would actually like to know what brand of kitchen Lily is playing with in these pictures. It seems small, which is a good thing for our little townhome. I'm hoping to get Magdalene something like this one day in the future if I can find one that is the right size.

Kati D.

Allison said...

Kati, here's a link to the kitchen! It's a great kitchen.