Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! We had a great one, although Tyler wasn't able to be here for the Trick or Treating part. He had a sectional football game, that they did win. Lily got to do a little Trick or Treating at school. They took the kids around to the classrooms. They all looked so cute. Then we were off to the doctor for her one year appointment. She is still on the same growth pattern: 95% height and 50% weight. She checked out great!!!

We went over to Nana's and Granddad's to trick or treat and then did a few houses in our neighborhood.

Here's a picture of Lily at Halloween last year. Can you believe the difference?
Yes, Lily was a ladybug this year. Now I know it wasn't one of the choices. A few weeks before Halloween Nana called and said she found an adorable ladybug costume at an extremely good price. Since I'm a sucker for deals, I told her to go for it. I'm sorry I didn't choose from the pole, but is this costume totally cute?!?!

Uncle AJ always gives Lily treats!!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I'm eating more candy!

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Father Steve said...

Dear Tyler, Allison, Lily and all gentle readers:

Ladybug Lily is cute all the way around--in her costume of course, but my favorite is that chocolate smile sitting with her Uncle AJ.

To celebrate Lily's birthday, Tyler and Allison's wedding anniversary, and my birthday, we went to Arni's for dinner last week. Lily loves her milk, macaroni and cheese, fruit bites, and whipped cream. Lily was very good at the restaurant (as I just knew she would be!).

God bless,

Fr. Steve