Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is it November?

We have had an amazing week. Can you believe this weather? The people I nanny for have wanted me at night, so Lily and I have had 2 whole days together. It's nice, because I haven't felt like I've been working full time. Lily and I have taken full advantage of our time together and of the amazing weather. On Monday we had a picnic at Holliday Park with Nana. Lily loved the swings and she even convinced me to go down a huge slide with her! Then yesterday we walked on the Monon with Katie and Norah Healy. The day was beautiful, but both girls were rather grumpy. But it was still nice to get out.

This is the first time I let Lily hold the banana and eat it. She was SO proud of herself and thought she was really cool. It was so funny to watch her! Can you imagine getting really excited about holding a banana and eating it by yourself? It's amazing what little babies bring into your lift...a whole new spirit. They truly enjoy every little bit of life and it has helped Tyler and I do the same. Sorry about the glare on the pics, I just realized my lens had a smudge.

At the park having a blast on the swing.

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