Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Fun!

This week Lily and I went to the Children's Museum with Kirkland and Kjirste, the girls I babysite for. Lily had TONS of fun. Each time we go, there is more and more she is interested in.

Here we are playing in the sand.
Who's at the end of the tunnel? Kirkland and Lily! Although, Lily was deathly afraid to actually go through the tunnel.
Lily's heaven...turning on and off light switches. I swear she would be happy if this was all she did the whole day!
Lily and I as twins!! I didn't even notice until Uncle AJ said something!!! ah! Today we are heading to Chicago for a wedding. Lily will get to hang out with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Emily!

Oh yeah...and Lily threw her first fit for me. I thought those didn't come until you were 2. She was getting into the fridge and pulled out a baby carrot. I took it from her and she threw her whole body on the floor and starting SCREAMING!! There is definitely some spunk in this little one!


amy j. said...

So cute!! Love it. Love it! Can't wait to hang out with you (Lily too!)

Father Steve said...

Dear Tyler, the Mayer twins, and all gentle readers:

I am not one bit surprised that Lily likes light switches--a very pre-Purdue Engineering activity.

Lily having a tantrum? No, it cannot be so! Surely you are mistaken--but then, from the description of her actions, it must be true! How can this be possible? I suspect that this is a one-time event, since Lily's sweet disposition will surely come to the fore.

May the remaining days before Lily turns one year old be happy ones for you!

Fr. Steve Giannini