Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday pics!!!

The official last pics of Lily's first year of being alive!

She is seriously a nut!

Not sure the next time I will do a post with Lily's picture and the sign. Maybe on her 2nd birthday?


amy j. said...

Oh she loves the sign now, what a babe! Great to see you this weekend. I loved hanging out with little Lily. You got a winner!! :)

Father Steve said...

Dear Allison, Tyler, Lily, and all gentle readers:

Ahhhhh. Viewing the multiple photographs of pumpkin patches, birthday party, and sneaking candy all featuring everyone's favorite one year old have made me the happiest man in Perry Township (southside of Indianapolis, I couldn't say Indianapolis or Indiana--that would be Tyler). Thank you for the treat!

Speaking of treats, I will be happy to spend the next few days viewing these photos--but come November, I will need to have Halloween pictures! I know, I know--I just can't get enough Lily photos!

God bless,

Fr. Steve

Sabrina said...

words can't express how much i LOVE these pictures! i'm so sad that i missed her party but was thinking about you guys! miss you guys so much and glad to see that lilly loves candy corn just as much as her momma!