Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sharon's Wedding!

Yikes! I think this may be the longest between posts ever!! We've been keeping rather busy. Last weekend we went to Chicago to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday!! We had a blast seeing everyone, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. But below you will see Lily with her new town from grandma and grandpa.

This week was nonstop. I had a Mother's of Young Children meeting on Tuesday. It's a group through our church that I'm pretty excited about it. They do holiday parties, service projects, and make dinners for families who just had babies. It seems like a really wonderful group and I'm excited to be a part of it. On Wednesday, I celebrated my 27th birthday. Tyler surprised me by taking me out to dinner!! This happens very rarely, so we were excited to go out!! Thanks so Nana Mark for watching Lily. Then on Thursday we watched The Office with some of our friends. I loved the way Jim proposed!!! Then on Friday the festivities for Sharon's wedding began. We had a Bridesmaids' Luncheon for her at my mom's house and then the rehearsal dinner that night. Then on Saturday we got our hair done and did the whole picture thing. It was a beautiful wedding and we danced the night away at the reception. Tyler's dance moves were especially killer! The DJ even noticed!!! Oh my!

Here are the bridesmaids and Sharon on the bus right before the ceremony.
Friends since 6th grade!!!!
Here's Lily with Lucky bear. Thanks grandma and grandpa Mayer!
We have all been friends since 6th grade!!! That's 15 years!
Us on Sharon's big day!!
I'll will work harder and posting more frequently. My boss has just been a real jerk lately and has made me work way too much! ;)

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Catho said...

totally cute! more wedding fun coming up - so happy you will be there and i have a feeling we are going to own the dance floor. getting to sit with you guys AND the rents is a total coup - i can't wait!!!!!