Thursday, September 18, 2008

11 months old!!

Shoot she noticed the sign!!!!
This baby has a little bit of spunk in her.
Giving lovies to Birthday Bear!

Can you believe that next month at this time we will be celebrating Lily's 1st birthday!!!!!!??? Now yes, Lily is the reason we are having the party, but it's mostly adults who will be there and spiced cider and brewdogs will be served. Aren't first birthday a little bit about the parents making it through the first year? There will most definitely be cake and presents for Lily, but she won't even remember! All in all, it will be a great weekend. Lily's has party guests coming from all over the United States. From as far west and Cali and as far east as North Carolina!
Lily is going on her first field trip. They are taking all the munchkins to the Apple Orchard. What fun!! Lily loves school. They take the kids over to the gym and the high school kids play with them. They just got brand new strollers, so they are constantly taking walks. And Lily is only about 30 feet directly below me. I can actually sometimes hear her cry!
Anyways, this month has been tons of fun. Her new thing is to sprint crawl whenever I open the fridge. She is absolutely fascinated by it. We also finally got a gate up at the bottom of the stairs. She was getting WAY too curious about them. I just can't believe at this time last year I was HUGE!!!!


amy j. said...

What a cutie. I can't wait for the party. Also, I do not think she can be dorothy! No hair! My vote is mermaid or monkey. I'm with Tyler. Haha.

I'll see you in a month!!!

Sabrina said...

the middle picture is the best! she looks like she's laughing again. hope you guys have so much fun at her party!!!!!

Father Steve said...

Dear Tyler, Allison, Lily, and all gentle readers:

Happy 11 month birthday to Lily! At last we have a whole month to anticipate the big event--Lily's one year old birthday!

God bless,

Fr. Steve