Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tribute to Patches

The house has definitely been more empty without Patches. I still immediately go to the laundry room to feed her every morning and listen for her to walk up the stairs at night. She was such great company and also a fierce watchdog. She would bark like crazy when the someone would knock on the door. Little did they know that if they walked in, they would be greeted with lots of licks. We miss her tons!!! Getting those two to both look at the camera was impossible. I tried for like 10 minutes. The second I would get one to look, the other would look away. I know I looked like a fool trying to do it too....making all sorts of noises and waving my hands madly. I think I still got some good ones though.


amy j. said...

Aw babe. I feel for you guys big time. The hardest thing I think I've ever done is lost my dog... It sounds silly sometimes to say, but honestly I know how much they become a part of you. I still remember coming home from college and not seeing Winky at the door! :( But, you did the right thing and you have a beautiful baby and family. Keep smiling lady, love you. The tribute was adorable.

Sabrina said...

awwww patchy patch! she really was the best dog in the world! i'm so glad she got to come and live with tyler, lilly, and you! keep your chin up lady! you made the right right thing!