Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Break '08

Claire and Michelle Breen with Lily!

So we made it back from Florida. Our flight home was cancelled, but luckily we were able to catch another flight home that day. We headed out to the Tampa airport at 11:30 a.m. and we did not get to our house until 11 p.m. Lily was an ANGEL....thank goodness.

Our week in Florida was amazing!!! Lily and I enjoyed early morning walks. Aunt Liz would also take Lily for a walk everyday. Maureen and I would venture out to the beach everyday. I was recalling the days going to the beach without a baby. I would bring my bag to the beach with my towel, sunscreen, cd player, book, and brush. Now with Lily, I have enough stuff to build my own house on the beach. It's worth it though!!!

It was also amazing to see Maureen's strength day in and out. For those of you who do not know my cousin Maureen, she is going through cancer treatment. She has to give herself interferon shots 3 times a week. Her faith and fortitude is truly an inspiration.

I took a trillion pictures, like I'm sure all 1st time mothers do. I have included lots of them!!!

Maureen, Lily and I at sunset.
Maureen definitely had the touch this week. She was able to put Lily right to sleep.
This is my cousin Dan. He had watched Lily for a while. This is right after we walked in the door and he whispers, "Do NOT say a word." He had finally just gotten her to sleep. I think she may have given him a run for his money.
Just thought this one was cute.
Isn't the water beautiful?!?!

Lily can get her toe in her mouth!! CRAZY!!!
Lookin' cool before she heads to the beach.
Chillin' in the raft!
One of my favorites!!
Lily trying her first strawberry dacquiri.

Lily loved the sand....until she got it in her eyes!!!


janna said...

Thanks for the picures. It looks like you all had such a good time. I love the last picture of Lily. She is such a babe!!!

I'll keep your cousin in my prayers!

amy j. said...

What a babe! She loves the beach so much and daquiris... haha, I have a feeling you're going to have a wild one on your hands in time. But a fun one.

I'm also praying for Maureen... Sad she has to go through that but glad she is being strong. Best thing you can do.

Glad you guys had a good vacation, looks like you had so much fun!

lindsey said...

I am I not supposed to love that girl? Such a pumpkin!!

Fr. Steve said...

Dear good and gentle readers:

Fr. Meyer and I love this set of photographs--the best yet!

Maureen, I hope that daiquiri didn't have rum in it! I trust you, but if it was Uncle Andrew or Uncle Greg I might have to think twice!

We all know that Lily was the most beautiful babe that cousin Dan got to hang out with on the beach.

With her sunglasses, sun dresses, and sun hats, Lily is on the road to being the 2026 "America's Next Top Model."

Lily was definitely having her second most favorite water experience ever--her favorite being December 31, 2007 at 4:00 pm, St. Luke Chapel.

Blessings to all

Fr. Meyer and Fr. Giannini

Claire said...

Loved being with you guys in Florida! And Michelle and I are honored to be on the blog with Lily!! :) :)

Kelly and Alan said...

Allison gosh I laughed out loud when I got to the dacquiri picture HAHAHA!! I smell trouble ;-) She is SOOOO cute!!! I will keep your cousin Maureen in my prayers. Thanks for all the fun pics!