Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy 1/2 birthday!

Lily is half way to 1! She went to the doctor yeserday and is right on track! She's gaining weight and growing like a little weed. The whole picture with the bear and sign is progressively getting more difficult. It was not too long ago she didn't even realize she was sitting next to a bear.

Now she likes to attack her bear.

Then play with her shoelaces!

And then see if the sign tastes like anything good. From the look on her face (wish I had it on camera) the taste of paper is not pleasing to her.

Here's Lily with her Uncle AJ. He got her this present for her 1/2 birthday. Wasn't that so nice?!?!?! You must remember he a 20 yr. old, male!!!! He impresses me more everyday. He bought it at Babies R Us. Oh how I wish I could see him in the store among all the pregnant bellies. Hilarious!! Anyways, he decided Lily needed a guitar so that she could be a Guitar Hero, just like her dad...ok and sometimes like her mom, too. And for those of you who know a little about Guitar Hero, there's even a whammy bar on Lily's guitar....ha!

The picture above with her shoelaces reminded be of a funny story. On spring break Lily discovered her toes and decided they were her new #1 toy with the yogurt coming in at a very close #2. Anyways, we were driving the other day and I looked back in the mirror to see what she was doing. Not only had she pulled on both of her shoes, but also both socks. She was just sitting there playing with her toes! She cracks me up!!!

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amy j. said...

Oh my gosh... dying! She is so cute. I can not believe how straight she sits up now! What happened? So cute though. Soon she is going to be bigger than the bear! I love how she looks like she is always laughing... hahaha and I'm soooo happy about that guitar.