Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh, Bridgey

The other night I was preparing for dinner. I had put out baby food, rice cereal, and spoons for the twins. They were hanging out in their high chairs and eating puffs. Along came Bridget! She decided to pour rice cereal in the baby food. She made a little mess, but no big deal. She then asked me, "Feed twins?" I thought, "Well, sure. What the worst that can happen, a big mess?" I figured it would keep her and the twins occupied while I finished up dinner. While I'm in the kitchen I hear, "Beard on! Beard on!" I was confused and decided I should go investigate. I found out what "beard on" meant. Bridget had made a beard on Lucy's face with baby food. Could I really do anything but laugh? This house is nuts!

Camera is still broken and I found out it's pretty expensive to get fixed. Still figuring out plan B. Hopefully, I will have pictures soon!

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