Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jumperoos, Skittles, and Undies, Oh My!

1. The Jumperoo
I had Thomas in the Jumperoo on Friday. He loves the thing!! He jumps like a little mad man and has a huge smile doing it. I put Lucy on the floor with some toys. She was also happy. I went into the kitchen to do whatever needed to be done. I came back and Lucy had rolled under Thomas and he was jumperooing on her stomach. You may think this would have brought crying or screaming from Lucy, but she was happy as can be, just chewing away on some toy. Thomas was ticked, though. He couldn't jump as high as he wanted to. I got a picture on my phone and will post soon.
2. Skittles
Thomas ate his first Skittle. The girls has Skittles and one must have fallen on the floor. I'm not actually 100% sure he ate it, but I saw skittle juice on his clothes and his hands were sticky. At first I was horrified that my 7 month old had a Skittle, but he didn't choke and is fine! So I guess no worries, right?
3. Undies
I have been pushing the potty training thing. Two in diapers seems heavenly. I kept asking Bridget if she wanted to sit on the potty and she was showing ZERO interest. I even thought I would bribe her with candy, thinking that would surely move the process along. She thought about it and very sweetly replied, "Uh, no candy." So I was pretty sure I was going to be sending her to college in diapers. I just bought two packs for her on Friday. And wouldn't you believe it, but on Saturday she wanted to wear undies and went on the potty!!!!!!!! Most of this was Lily's doing. She "read" Bridgey a book and let her hold her favorite mermaid. And that's all it really took. Now, we've definitely had accidents, but I feel like we might be on our way! Horray! I'll keep you posted.

I'm also SUPER excited because Uncle Hunter gave us a camera. He actually won it and wasn't using it! So hopefully, I will have some pictures posted soon! Thanks, Uncle Hunter! You're the best!!!!!

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