Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Months Old

Yes, they are growing so fast! Thomas loves to play with his feet and Lucy could spend hours in the Exersaucer. They are both very ticklish! Thomas has the cutest chubby cheeks and Lucy's chubby legs are just adorable!

Thomas is a fantastic little sleeper. I remember reading books when I had Lily. They always said to put your baby to bed when they were "drowsy" and not to feed them until they fully fell alseep, so that they could learn to fall asleep themselves. I remember thinking "ha! yeah, right! That will NEVER work with our Lily!" The second I would set her down slightly awake, she would go into a full blown scream. Well, you can put Thomas down fully awake. Just turn on his mobile and give him his binky and he will put himself to sleep. Little Lucy Lu needs a little more coaxing. I think she just loves to cuddle. Next on the list....solid food! This should be interesting!

While having twins brings more chaos, it definitely brings more sweetness, too!


Anonymous said...

Wow they grow fast! I love it thanks for keeping it updated as we can't see you as much as we used to.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Barb

stephanie said...

just catching up on your blog. I love all the pics! so stinkin cute! i need a baby visit soon!!!!