Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Little Box of Crayons

All four of my little crayons! Pictures with four are interesting. There's bound to be one crying, one not looking, one not smiling, etc. I've pondered what I will do for Christmas...get a cute individual shot of each child or take a shot of all four. It will surely be a comical scene.

Halloween was too fun. I love the way their costumes turned out. Lily got to trick or treat around the classrooms at Chatard. So fun! We all went to Nana's and Grandad's for dinner and then trick or treating. Bridget was just starting to "get it" by the end. She would run from house to house!

I entered the twins in 3 costume contests. They won 2 already and voting for the 3rd one starts today or tomorrow. I think people just love seeing two little ones together.

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