Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playdate with Nora

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous fall days!! It was warm, sunny, and the leaves were beautiful. We called Nora (or Nowa as Lily says) to see if she wanted to go to the park. Here they are on the see saw. Also, thanks so much to Nora and Katie for making us dinner! It was delicious!!!!!

Here is a picture of Bridget. I feel like I haven't posted too many of her up close. I'm still working on getting one when she is actually awake. This little one loves to sleep like her Mommy. Today Bridget and I are hanging out, just the two of us. Lily is at school. I'm trying to take advantage of these days, when I can just cuddle with her. I know that too soon I will be back at work.

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Alexis said...

OH my gosh!!! Bridget is sooo adorable we couldn't be happier for you, Tyler and Lily! I can't believe we both have two girls!! We miss you all! congratulations again on your beautiful family! I can't wait to visit or you come here to Chicago! It has been tooo long!!!!! Kirkland is going to be four at the end of the month!!! FOUR!!!!!!
Keep in touch keep the pictures coming!!!
Alexis, Clay, Kirkland and Kjirste