Monday, May 04, 2009

New Happenings

1. Today is day #8 with NO binky! It has gone surprisingly well. She's definitely been a little more whiny and it has taken a little longer to fall asleep. The transition has been much easier than I expected.

2. Just found out Lily's crib has been recalled!!! BOO!!!! I have to go through all this mumbo-jumbo craziness to get a new one, but I guess it's better than losing any limbs! :0

3. Today we go for another ultrasound. This is the appointment where we would be able to find out if it's a boy or girl, but we're keeping it a surprise. I can't believe I'm 19 weeks along. Almost half way there.


Father Steve said...

Dear Allison, Tyler, "Little Dale Evans" and baby to be:

For you youngsters who do not know who Dale Evans was, she was the wife of Roy Rogers and a big western movie and television star. Lily looked very professional in her debut riding video--she could be either an olympian equestrian or in the rodeo--I haven't decided yet. Either way, she'll be great!

Congratulations on the picnic table find--so very Fr. Giannini as to its aquisition!

Hope to see you all very soon!

Fr. Steve

Jenny said...

Yay for surprises! Those are the best!