Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meeting Cooper

Lily and I finally met Cooper McFadden! Cooper is my sorority sister Courtney's son, that was born a couple of months ago. Lily LOVED Cooper!

She was super gentle when she held him!

And was giving him hugs and kisses!

When we took Cooper off her lap she started to cry. Maybe this little lady does have the potential to be a great big sister. She would bring him his binky and lie next to him on his play mat.

We went for our ultrasound on Monday. Everything looks GREAT! The little pumpkin was moving all over the place! Can't wait to feel him or her kick soon!!


lindsey said...

YES! So cute!

Brandy P said...

Love it! AGD babies everywhere :)

Courtney said...

Who is that super cute baby boy!!??!! :) They were absolutely adorable together!!! Must do it again really soon!